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("Mumtaz Mahal", part of the "Offerings" series)

The main purpose of my work is not only to express ideas important to me or to make a statement about specific issues. It is also to help me deal with my anxieties about life, about what I am, my purpose on this earth. The act of creating releases me from my fears, at least temporarily. This explains why the process itself is so important to me.

Usually, the viewer's attention will not be caught from across the room by bold colors or shapes. I want people to come very close to enter my world, discover its intricacies and symbols. They might even have to open or unroll part of the work to get to the hidden message. Most of my pieces are very detailed and controlled. This control however does not reflect the way I work. Even if I start with a very definite idea of what I want to achieve, I let the materials lead the way and let things happen by themselves, so the finished pieces seldom look exactly like what I had envisioned at the beginning.

I work with fabrics because they are a very sensual medium that can be touched as well as seen and the different textures provide a variety of feelings. I piece, embroider, appliqué, bead and quilt these fabrics to add dimension and life to them. I often include other materials such as loose fibers, branches, stones, metal, and feathers for they bring their own feelings and sensuality. I am intrigued by the concept of turning fabrics into three-dimensional objects and love experimenting with articulated shapes while retaining the inherent softness of the material. It is important to me that my public has to interact with the work in order to enjoy every hidden facet. Since I am a self-taught artist, the design and composition of my work as well as color choices do not stem from a particular school or theory but are mostly based on instinct and my own exploration and study of the art world. I do believe that my multi-cultural experiences have some influence on what I do.

But the bottom line is that my work is me.

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