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Martine House

I was born in France and studied foreign languages in high school and college. I hesitated for a long time between languages and art and it took me several years and quite a few detours to establish myself as a full-time artist. After spending time in England and Spain, I moved and worked in Germany. There, I met my husband, who is American and we relocated to the USA in 1983.

In my family handwork, crafts and artistic expression are very important. As a child I was exposed to the pleasures and value of creating objects with my hands. My passion for textiles, colors and my need to express my feelings led me to explore the potential of embroidery and quilting. After my first steps in the world of traditional quilting, I realized that many techniques could be used in contemporary work and combined with other media... and this is how I became a fiber and mixed-media artist.

I live in a beautiful rural area, surrounded by trees, plants and wildlife. I am very close to my husband and three sons and although the rest of my family is geographically far away, we remain very tightly connected. I think the feelings this creates can be felt in my work.

My website - - has been running for a number of years but it now has a new look. I hope that you will enjoy visiting it and spending a special moment in "my world".

Don't hesitate to contact me to share your comments or questions with me.

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