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Fiber Artist, Teacher and Author

Teaching Experience

I have taught quilting, embroidery, and textile related workshops since 1989 in specialized stores and for groups interested in fiber art, embroidery and quilting guilds in the US and in France.

I have also taught at arts and crafts school such as:

                -     Arrowmont Arts and Crafts School, TN (2007)
             -     the J.C. Campbell Craft School, NC (since 1997)
             -     on the Internet Quilt University (since 2004)

I was part of the faculty at the following special events:

        - In the USA:   

             -     New England Quilt Festival (2006)
             -     Quilting in the Piedmont, NC (2006)
             -     Quiltfest TN (on a regular basis)
             -     North Carolina Quilt Symposium (on a regular basis)

             -     Quilters of South Carolina Fall Retreat, SC (on a regular basis)
             -     National Quilting Association, Charlotte, NC (2004)
             -     Indiana Heritage Show, Bloomington, IN (2003)

             -     American Quilter's Society Show, Paduca, KY (2003)
             -     "Minifest", NC (1995)

       - In France:

             -     Crazy Artquilt Festival (2006)
             -     European Patchwork Meeting (2001)
             -     Quilt Expo VII in Strasbourg (2000)

       - In the UK:

             -     Festival of Quilts (2007)


I wrote the following books published in France by Editions de Saxe:

                -     Les bases du bargello, 2001
             -     Les bases de l'appliqué, 2000
             -     Le trapunto embelli, 1999

I contributed articles about quilting and fiber art in:

                -     "Les Nouvelles du Patchwork" (French Quilting Guild Magazine)
             -     the French quilting magazine Magic Patch
             -     the British magazine Patchwork and Quilting
             -     the Russian quilting guild magazine

 My work was featured in:

                -     "American Art Collector" 2007
             -     in several books or publications written by other artists
                   ("The Art of Fabric Books" by Jan Bode Smiley, "Focus on
                   Batiks" by Jan Bode Smiley, "Basic Appliqué" by Cindy Walter
                   and Gail Baker Rowe, "Treasures Underfoot" by Shirley
                   McGregor, "Easy does it quilts" by Georgia Bonesteel)
             -     Fiberarts Design Book BI, 1999
             -     AQS Engagement Calendar, 1994

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