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Some of the techniques I teach are traditional; some come from my cultural heritage and some definitely belong to surface design. I want to share with you the pleasure of mastering them and the immense possibilities they offer, whatever style or project (not necessarily quilts) you choose to incorporate them into. To give you a better idea of what the workshop is about, I am including a photo of the class project and whenever possible photos of my work using the technique. Machine and hand work are often combined in the fiber art workshops.

If you are interested in a longer workshop (three days or more), please contact me and I will send you a specific proposal.

Surface design and creative workshops

Fiber Fun

Examples of the use of silk paper and Tyvek.
This workshop, which is a perfect companion workshop to "Fabric Pages", will give you a chance to play and try several surface design techniques such as making silk paper, using Tyvek film, creating "magic cloth" with various fibers and soluble stabilizer, stamping, foiling, needle-felting, etc. These techniques are great for contemporary fiber work, art quilting, doll making or crafts. They are easy and fun and wonderful to develop your creativity. This workshop can be taught over a 6-hour, a 9-hour or longer periods. The longer the workshop, the more techniques will be presented. All levels. Kit available. Sewing machine required.

Fabric Pages

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View of a closed and opened page of the fabric book.
As keeping a record of our lives and events important to us is becoming more difficult in our cyber world, we find ourselves drawn to creative activities such as scrap booking. With this workshop combine your love of fabrics with the scrap booking concept and create a record of precious memories, persons or events. You will design a "fabric page" and use some of the following techniques: hand and machine embroidery, quilting, photo transfers, embellishments and many other surface design techniques. 12-hour workshop. All levels. Kit available for surface design techniques. Hand and machine work, sewing machine required.

Embroidery, quilting and textures

An embroidered pieced block, fabric texture modified with embroidery, quilting with an embroidery line.
One often thinks of hand embroidery with crazy quilting or appliqué. But find out how you can change the texture of the fabric or the visual impact of your pieced design with just a few stitches. Previous embroidery experience is not necessary to take this class. Some basic and versatile embroidery stitches and techniques will be demonstrated and practiced and examples of both traditional and contemporay work will be shared. You will make a small sampler that can later be used as reference. 6-hour workshop. All levels. Hand work only

Quilting and quilting-related workshops

Hand quilting: old technique, new possibilities
Samples of quilted textures
Quilting, defined as using stitches to hold several layers together, also has a decorative purpose. But it can be so much more if different materials and stitches are used to create intricate and fascinating textures. Drawing quilting designs for this purpose and exploring various ways of stitching them by hand is the subject of this 5-day workshop, aimed dominantly at contemporary work. All levels .
Wonderful textures: an introduction to contemporary Marseille embroidery
Stitch sampler, the background for a doll, detail of a coat.
This very refined European technique, used mostly in the XVII and XVIII centuries for garments, changes completely the texture of the fabric with quilting stitches, stuffing, French knots and openwork. No batting is used between the two layers of solid fabric, making various openwork techniques (eyelets, cut-Hebedo stitch and pulled fabric work) possible. Both background channels and designs are stuffed and this adds an amazing texture to either traditional or contemporary projects. I recommend allowing a minimum of 9 hours for this workshop. You will work on a stitch sampler. Handwork only. Intermediate level (you need to already know how to quilt). Kit available.

Introduction to embellished trapunto: Butterfly dance

Detail of Class Project 'Do Not Disturb My Garden Fairies'
Detail of Class Project
"Do not Disturb my Garden Fairies"
Learn how to use embroidery and embellishments with quilting to enhance the beauty of your designs and the texture of your fabric. Then add trapunto to achieve a wonderfully delicate and elaborate look. This technique also lets you incorporate very subtle colors. 6-hour workshop. Hand work only. Intermediate level (you need to already know how to quilt). Kit available .

Fine Hand Quilting

Fine Hand Quilting
Do you want to learn how to hand-quilt or want to improve your quilting stitches? Then this workshop is for you. Not only do I demonstrate how to make a beautiful quilting stitch, but I also share a lot of information about the whole quilting process, from choosing fabrics to selecting a marking tool, batting, hoop, basting technique, etc. It is amazing how the right supplies will make quilting more enjoyable and successful. 6-hour workshop. Hand work only. All levels.
How to draw your own quilting designs
If you are not content to just use quilting designs commercially available and want to create one that will complement your piecing or appliqué project perfectly, try this. Don't let the word "draw" intimidate you: I will show you how you can easily create intricate looking designs adapted to the project you want to quilt. Following a series of exercises, you will draw the design for a miniature whole cloth quilt or a block. 6-hour workshop. Drawing only. All levels.
Learn to draw your own quilting designs

Victorian workshops

Crazy quilting

Crazy Quilt Victorian Stocking
Victorian stocking, detail of "Delight".
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I will show you how to piece a crazy quilt and how, with a few embroidery stitches, you can transform your project into an incredibly fancy heirloom. You will also find out how it is possible to choose a theme for your project or even make a crazy quilt with a contemporary flair. Half of the class will be dedicated to foundation machine-piecing, the second half will be used to practice stitches and stitch combinations. You can choose between the following projects: a block, a stocking, a purse. 6-hour workshop. All levels. Machine and hand work, sewing machine required.

Miniature Crazy quilting
Crazy Quilt Ornament

You will machine-piece a miniature block (3") or a Christmas ornament on muslin and learn how to embellish it. 6-hour workshop. All levels. Machine and hand work, sewing machine required.
Crazy quilt ornament

Introduction to silk ribbon embroidery
Class Project
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Class Project
Close-up of "Beltane"
Learn how to manipulate and use the ribbon and how with a few basic stitches, you can create an infinite number of designs. During this workshop you will work on a small floral design that can be incorporated into a crazy quilt or framed by itself. 3-hour workshop. All levels. Hand work only. Kit available.

Silk ribbon embroidery box

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Box
Learn the basics of silk ribbon embroidery and use the embroidered piece to make the lid of a small origami box. 6-hour workshop. All levels. Hand work only. Kit available

Silk Ribbon Origami Box

Silk ribbon embroidery level II

If you have already worked with silk ribbon embroidery and want to push the technique a bit further, try this class which includes some wire ribbon manipulations and unusual stitches. 6-hour workshop. All levels. Hand work only. Kit available.
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Part II
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Level II

For information about fees and conditions, please e-mail me at I will be happy to come to your area to teach. I am always glad to present a lecture for an evening program and teach a workshop on the following day. Of course, teaching for several groups in the same area reduces the cost for each group. Different fees apply if workshops are taught over a period of five days or more.

If you would like to customize a workshop to fit your time requirements or students' wishes, combine several workshops over a longer period, or for more information about these workshops or lectures, supply lists, number of students and classroom needs, do not hesitate to e-mail me.

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